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WELCOME to the HaliSens®
bad breath / Halitosis website

The bad breath monitor HaliSens®
was developed
in close cooperation with halitosis experts
and measures the concentration of hydrogen
sulfide and sulfur gases VSCs
(volatile sulfur compounds) in human breath.
The breath of air is taken from the oral cavity of the
patient with a disposable syringe and then injected
into the instrument.

The concentration of sulfur gases is
displayed within two minutes after the sample introduction.

HaliSens® is used in the field of dental
research as well as for the complementary
evaluation of the organoleptic
score for the diagnosis
of halitosis / bad breath.
The reliable instrument supports
current practices in dental treatment and research.

 "Using HaliSens® will optimize
the services offered by your
dental surgery and expands
your competence in the
determination of the severity
of halitosis / bad breath."



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